Ark Encounter Trip

Join us as we take a trip to the Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter is located in Williamstown, Kentucky, which is about a 6 hour drive from Algonquin.

We will be leaving on Sunday, July 22nd after church. Depending on what time everyone departs, we will try to have a time of fellowship Sunday evening. 

Monday morning we will spend the day at the Ark Encounter. If you are going to stay Monday evening, we will meet for dinner (optional), and have a time of fellowship.

Tuesday morning we will meet for breakfast (optional), and if people desire they can head home or purchase a combo pass and tour the Creation Museum that day. 

Hotels will be somewhere between $100 - $150 per night. Prices will vary depending on how close or far from the Ark we stay. 

Please help us negotiate the best prices by letting us know if you are interested in going.